Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yearning for the Biting Cold~ Easy to Say from Here

This week it has finally hit me. We do not live in Boston. We are here in Houston, Texas. It registered 112 degrees on my car thermometer today. 
As I struggled to get my groceries to my car without the ice cream melting in the parking lot, I seriously thought, “I would rather be walking in my clunky fur lined boots, barely able to grip the handle of the cart due to numbness from the biting cold. This week, I have cursed Houston's ugliness, it’s heat, and even it’s friendliness.  I miss Weston, Massachusetts. I miss my children’s schools, and all of the inspiration they gave to our family. I miss running with my friend Jenny on the hills, and feeling like I was making a new nature discovery at every turn.  I miss feeling in awe of my surroundings. I do not love Houston. I am not sure I ever have. But, I do love my friends and many of them live here. I love Mac’s new English teacher. She is thoughtful, kind, dramatic and passionate about teaching. Mac has already proclaimed her, “the best teacher I have ever had, besides Mrs. Mehta.” Mac has been quoting Shakespeare, writing poetry, and I believe that besides Rashna Mehta, this is the first teacher Mac has ever had who truly appreciates and recognizes her inner spirit.
I also love my house here in Houston. It is comfortable and beautiful and I will never have to shovel snow to get in and out of it. There is that. And there is the unbelievable convenience of living in a city like Houston…my Venti Green Iced Tea addiction has never been so satisfied.  I am starting my next class at Lesley University this week. It is called Emergent Technologies for Education. I already like my professor. One of the requirements for class is a sense of humor.  Now that, I can handle!

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